five of fifty two: wonder

June 13th, 2012

Started: May 23

Finished: June 9

this was a suggested read from my SIL, kate. i’m so glad i listened to her! what happens on these pages is a very real and somewhat tragic, but hopeful story. it begins from the point of view of auggie, a boy who is about to enter 5th grade. and he is no “normal” boy. he has a combination of rare genetic disorders that have severely distorted his facial features. auggie is ok with who he is … but the new kids at school, and even some of his family members, still have a way to go on their journey of accepting auggie despite his different appearance.

if you’ve ever been the kid being bullied, the bully, or the kid that just sat by and watched it all happen, this book will speak to you. auggie is so relatable and has such a sense of humor. his teenage sister is such a … teenager. his friends are people that i wish i had the pleasure of knowing in real life. and his parents are an amazing combination of cheerleaders and soldiers for his cause.

i absolutely loved the way ms. palacio jumped around with the points of view. i felt like i really knew the different characters and where they were coming from. and it certainly reminded me that there is always more than one side to every story.

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