we had a yard sale

June 19th, 2012

a few months ago, i read 7 by Jen Hatmaker. and man, did that book mess me up. essentially, through this book, my eyes were opened to the ridiculous amounts of excess that so many of us have. i cleaned out my closets, i refused to buy from companies who don’t treat their workers and the environment with care. and then i wondered, what else can i do?

that question led me to Garage Sale 4 Orphans – an organization devoted solely to helping people clean our their closets, their basements, and their garages and turning that into money that can help orphans all over the world. so i approached our youth group for some help. the kids loved the idea of helping others, of getting outside of their comfort zones, and doing something big for the Kingdom.

we spoke to our congregation and asked them for their “stuff”. the first few weeks, i was really wondering if we’d ever be able to fill a table or two. the friday before our sale, we had filled over 10 tables, and the “stuff” was spilling over! praise the Lord for the wonderful people who spent some time in their homes and got rid of their “stuff” to help these kids!

and then we wondered, would anyone come? we have a small church on a country road, and while we had advertised in newspapers and online, we still wondered. God provided so many families and couples and moms (and hardcore yard salers) looking for clothing and furniture and keepsakes. my goal for the sale was somewhere between $400 and $500. and the grand total was …


it’s more than we could have imagined! it’s so amazing to watch what God can do!!! we’re going to donate the money toward one of the safe houses in Haiti. and the leftover “stuff” (seriously, there was still a lot left over) has been divided to be donated.

to the youth group: thank you all for the ways that you helped out. some organized, some donated, and some worked that day. without you, this would not have been possible. you all are truly a blessing!

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