who will she pick?!

June 26th, 2012


you’re wondering the same thing, too.

there are four men left. FOUR! that’s it. so let’s just take a minute to review the lucky men stuck in reality tv love.

chris. 25. sales.

i’m not a fan. he’s neither dynamic nor handsome, and in reality tv, you have to at least be one of those two things. i’m not sure how he’s gotten to the hometown dates. emily must see something in him, but i’m just not sure i get it.

arie. 30. race car driver.

ok, this one i get. he’s adorable and he drives fast for a living. he was the first one to profess his undying love for emily. but he doesn’t know what a poultice is. so, he’s not the brightest, but he’s cute and he treats her really well. i could see this one going all the way.

sean. 28. insurance agent.

alright. alright. seriously? i think this is the one she actually ends up with. he’s a blonde, southern charmer. what’s not to like?? he definitely seems like emily’s type. and let’s remember what her friends thought of him. i believe one of them sat on his back while he did push ups. that’s impressive on so many levels.

jef. 27. entrepreneur.

i have been team jef since day one. he’s adorably edgy, funny, and a little on the shy side. to the haters, he’s not immature, he’s fun loving. and so what if he looks like he’s 17? it’s called boyish charm. and his last line on their date in the library? “i want to date you so hard and marry the $*#& out of you”. killed me. i had to rewind to make sure i heard him right and then i laughed so hard. dear emily, do not break his heart. just don’t do it.

so now, i can’t wait for monday night! wooo! let’s meet these men’s families and get closer to a proposal!!!

who do you think will be the future mr. emily maynard?

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