February 27th, 2010


the other day i started on a new journey. i’m not sure where it will take me or how great of one it will be, but it will be an adventure.

our little corn chip

February 24th, 2010

on october 30th of 2009 we brought home our lil doogie. she was born on september 11th and i think the blog world is ready for her.

her name is adelaide, but also goes by addie, adebella, and bean. officially, addie is a brindle miniature dachshund, but we think she’s a combination of mountain goat, otter, vacuum cleaner, and cat. likes: underwear, wood, tags, snow, pockets, digging, tennis balls, and anything she’s not supposed to have (ie. $10 bills). dislikes: hair dryer, mail lady, leaving the third floor, steps to the basement, when her toys disappear into the abyss under the sofa, and brooms.

and we love her a ridiculous amount. even though, as i type, she’s climbing our ladder bookshelf and chewing on an old cat5 cable because the tag is still attached. maybe someday she’ll write a post. she must have a lot to say – why else would she be so mischievous?

this one really highlights her best features – her crinkle lips and long ears.

the night she graduated from puppy class!

love this sweet little face <3

in case you were wondering, i named the post after the way she smells when she sleeps. we looked it up. it’s legit. dogs smell like corn chips when they sleep. unfortunately, i find myself craving fritos more and more …

new new mcnewerson

February 15th, 2010

for Valentine’s day, my wonderful hubby presented me with this new blog! how neat! it was a total surprise and so cute considering i don’t know a dang thing about technology.

he was inspired by an outfit from the newest fossil catalog that i was drooling over earlier this month. what a man!

so hopefully in the next few days, i’ll figure some of this stuff out and be on my way to blogging for reals.