countdown numero dos

April 28th, 2010

in exactly 36 days we will be lounging on the beaches of mexico.

yep, that’s our all inclusive resort (sorry it’s so tiny).

and this is the landscape of the one of the tours we’ll be going on.

i cannot wait. cannot. it’ll be the first all family vacation since i’ve been married, so it’ll be fun to putz around with mom, dad, and kyky again (even tho travel with them can beĀ  stressful to the point where i want to just sit down, cry, and go back home). we’ve already decided that our days will consist of lounging, hanging out at the swim up bar, and touring the local ruins. i’ll be consuming an inhuman amount of strawberry daiquiris and mexican food.

it will be grand. and much needed. and every room has a jacuzzi AND a balcony with hammock! i don’t mean to make you jealous, i’m just so darn excited.

leave a comment if you’d like me to hide you in my luggage. *wink wink*

chers amis

April 15th, 2010



have kept me going.

during these past few strange and frustrating days.

sometimes it takes a mini crisis or breakdown to realize how beautiful and dear your friends are. the ones that you’ve known for a long long time. and the ones that you only speak to every few months, but each time you do, it’s like you saw her yesterday.

they are a wonderful blessing. thank you a, b, and of course, the hubby, p.


April 1st, 2010

so apparently when one is about to turn 25, one’s birthday wish list is long and expensive. here are some things that i am ooohing and ahhhing over.

bugle boy dress from shabby apple

Fujifilm Instax Mini on Amazon

Wellies from Lands’ End

Tiered Embellished Skirt from AE

In Search of the Perfect Burger T on Etsy

Smith Corona Typewriter on Etsy (to channel my inner Joan Holloway)

and last but certainly not least …

the iPad from Apple

i have a feeling i’d have to blow out a lot of birthday candles for these wishes to come true! but here’s to wishing!