happy picnic weekend

May 29th, 2010

happy memorial day weekend e’rybody!


mine will be chock full of picnics and a trip to our local flea market, where i hope to find some clear glass knobs for our *in progress* dining room buffet.


what are you up to? beach? picnics? lazy lounging? no matter what it is, i hope you’re having fun with those who matter most!

i can’t believe it’s over

May 25th, 2010

so a little while back i wrote this little gem of a blogpost about the first episode of the last season of LOST. well, now it’s over. i’m sad. in mourning really. and the questions just keep on coming.

yes, juliet is dead, much to sawyer’s chagrin. there’s a fake locke because MIB needed a body to inhabit for his evil plan. jacob is dead, but of course can be seen by hurley and when he throws his own ashes in a fire. and praise the lord – boone and his sweet little face did come back.

now, let’s move onto the questions that still aren’t answered. why did kate change out of her sexy LBD? aren’t those allowed in heaven? did we ever need to care about physics and time travel and crazy ladies with white hair who live in a room with a pendulum? and why weren’t the other guys redeeming themselves in the flashsideways? once a creepy keamy, always a creepy keamy i guess.

my questions will probably never be answered. and today i’m ok with that. the ending took a little time to love, but now i can’t think of a better way to end it. it was about the people, how they related, how they loved each other. it wasn’t about polar bears and dharma stations. it was about jack and kate. sawyer and juliet. hurley and libby. jin and sun. sayid and shannon. charlie and claire. desmond and penny. bernard and rose. it’s a shame locke didn’t have someone to fall in love with, but he was finally ok with who he was. he can adopt boone. and i’m pretty sure all dogs go to heaven, especially vincent. no matter what jimmy kimmel says.

i’ll leave you with the best ending scene of a series ever witnessed. i’ll cry every time. goodbye guys. we’ll miss you. but still be able to watch you on DVD box set, available august 24.