it’s a little victory

January 27th, 2011

i thought of this song today. life has been neither easy nor smooth sailing as of late. but the beauty and honesty of this song brought a little smile to my heart.

my dad

January 17th, 2011

ode  noun \ˈōd\ a lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feeling and style,varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms

while this won’t be an ode by definition, i’m calling it that anyway. i generally tend to keep sappy and emotional business off of the blog, but in an effort to be a better blogger, here’s what’s on my heart these days.

exactly a week ago today, my daddy had some major surgery. let me digress a bit.

right before thanksgiving we found out that he had prostate cancer. they assured us that they had caught it early and we knew that his type of cancer was the kind that was easily beaten. (i still cried like a baby when i found out – at work, in the file room.) whenever they find cancer, they do more tests to make sure that it hasn’t spread. a week after his first diagnosis, he was told there was something suspicious on his bladder and kidney. his bladder turned out to be fine, but his kidney was consumed by a tumor. literally. there wasn’t much room in the kidney for much else. but it was completely encased, which was a miracle, because if it had spread anywhere else, the prognosis would not have been good.

it’s strange to think that one type of cancer was actually a blessing. had they not found the prostate cancer, he would have never gotten the body scan that revealed the real evil cells lurking inside. it is an absolute MIRACLE that everything worked out the way it did. i have never seen the hand of God so evident in my family’s life. it was a glorious, albeit painful, thing to witness.

so last monday he went in to have both his prostate and kidney removed. he was nervous. he hadn’t been eating or sleeping right since he found out and it was crushing to watch. my momma-in-law and i made up a “hospital bag” for my mom. lots of things to keep her busy while she waited. our church family told my mom how many prayers had been said on their behalf and poured out their love and support. i respected my mom’s wishes and she was the lone ranger in the waiting room that day. she called me first to tell me that the surgery had started and that everything was fine. and the good news kept on coming. they were able to take both out with very little bleeding and in a shorter amount of time than anticipated.

PRAISE THE LORD! my daddy would be ok! i visited with my mom that night. he couldn’t keep his eyes open for very long and he didn’t talk too much because his mouth was dry. he kept apologizing and asking if they had gotten everything out. they did!

he came home on wednesday. yes, two days after having organs removed he came home. he has no pain. he’s walking around and eating like he used to. and while it’s not all over yet, he’s back to being my dad.

throughout the past two months we’ve all grown closer and i’ve cried more than i’d like to admit. but we’ve been surrounded by the love, prayers, and encouragement of friends and family.

thank you.

thank you Peter, for playing Connect 4 to cheer me up. and for holding me when there was nothing else left to do.

thank you to my heavenly Daddy for blessing my earthly one.

Christmas at Jefferson House

January 5th, 2011

so i know everyone else is over Christmas, but i’m not. so here’s a little photo recap.

it was yet another wonderful christmas season. lots of family parties, friends visiting, every holiday movie known to man, and cuddly nights at home. my favorite present was from peter – the camera that i forgot how much i wanted – the olympus pen. it’s so rad. and helped me capture most of these moments. i had every intention of making captions for each of the photos, but they tell a nice little story all by themselves.

i hope that your holiday was full of bright spots that keep you smiling all year long.