excuse me while i fangirl (part 1 of 2)

March 26th, 2012

*spoiler alert* if you haven’t seen the movie yet, i wouldn’t read this. and if you haven’t read the books yet, go buy them. right now. and take the next 2 days off from life. seriously.


where do i even begin?? first off, i will be the first to admit that i jumped on the bandwagon kind of late. my SIL and bff had read them soon after they came out and i just could not get behind the premise. teenagers? in an arena? fighting to the death? but boy were my eyes opened to YA. seriously, y’all. i read Hunger Games and Catching Fire in less than 24 hours while vacationing with the fam in nantucket last october. i waited a few months to read Mockingjay. i just didn’t want it to end and if i didn’t read it, it wouldn’t. but i read it. and i died. from henceforth, this series will be known as my favorite of all time. i don’t know how it could get any better than this.

this weekend (known in our house as Hunger Games weekend), i saw it twice. friday night with the husband and then sunday afternoon with the husband, the SIL and the bff. boy am i glad my husband is just as crazed about it as i am, well, not as crazed about Peeta, but you get the idea. i couldn’t have imagined seeing it with anyone else.

Katniss: jennifer lawrence is the bomb. without a doubt, could not have come up with a better person to portray the character.  she so beautifully captured her spirit. her resolve. her strength. and her teenage angsty confusion. (not to mention she’s beautiful and has a smokin bod. i will totally be climbing trees and running around the woods behind my parents house this summer in an attempt to look like her.) her interactions with the other characters were spot on – her tenderness with Prim and Rue, the walls she had up around Peeta, her obvious comfort with Gale, her anger toward her mother. so so so good.

Gale: liam hemsworth. pretty boy central. let it be known, well known, that i am Team Peeta (we even made shirts), but i couldn’t bring myself to dislike movie Gale. book Gale is more angry and bitter and you get the sense that he could explode at any moment. liam took Gale in a slightly different direction. he was more hopeful and dare i say, goofy. he obviously doesn’t have a large role in this first installment, but i thought he did a nice job. he’s entirely too good looking, but whatevs.

Haymitch: so woody harrelson would not have been my first choice. in my head Haymitch was more of a Mad-Eye Moody type character. much more slovenly and disheveled. but the dude killed it. i was afraid that Haymitch might come across too comical because of the whole drunkard thing, but it was much more subtle in the movie and that i appreciated. and the way he called Katniss “sweetheart”. perfection.

Caesar Flickerman: stanley tucci, i must tip my hat to you. amazing. nailed it. i felt like i was watching the olympics with bob costas. he made the games seem like such a normal thing. as if teenagers killing each other could ever be normal. and his interview with Peeta. i can’t even. we’ll talk about that in Part 2. how ryan seacrest ever thought he could pull that role off is beyond me.

Effie Trinket: cotton candy perfection. even the way she walked was the way i imagined it in my head. bravo, elizabeth banks, bravo.

Cinna: HOLY AMERICAN WOMAN BATMAN! i loved lenny kravitz as Cinna. his relationship with Katniss is so tender. he knows that what he does with her can help her to survive and he takes that job very seriously. “i’m not allowed to bet, but if i could, i’d bet on you”.

President Snow: so i totally pictured donald sutherland in my head from the get go. the casting director and i obviously share a brain and we should be real life friends. he, again, was perfection. i’m so glad he had a larger role in the movie. and i’m so glad that most of his scenes took place in his genetically altered rose garden. President Snow is such a vile creature, but he doesn’t think of himself that way. and donald totally got that spot on.


Peeta: sigh. i don’t know if i even have the words to describe how much i love josh hutcherson’s portrayal of Peeta. he IS Peeta. he wears his heart on his sleeve. he doesn’t hide his fear when Effie calls out his name. he doesn’t hide his excitement when he sees the Capitol through the window on the train. he doesn’t hide his shame when he falls off that climbing contraption during training. it’s all there on his face and you always know where you stand with him. and his love for Katniss. it’s so evident that you just want to jump through the screen and shake her for being so stubborn and yes, i’ll say it, stupid. don’t worry, there will be more gushing in Part 2.