June 8th, 2012

yesterday i fulfilled #22 on my list of 27 things to do before I turn 28: newsies on broadway. the movie captured my little heart in high school. and you may ask how did i live so long without knowing it’s splendor? i have no idea. but believe me, i’ve made up for lost time. i wish spotify would tell me how many times i’ve listened to “seize the day”. or maybe i don’t want to know.

our church choir director had seen it in april and was so enamored with it she asked a group of us if we’d like to join her again. UH, YES PLEASE. so a bunch of us surprised our mommy’s and mommy’s in law for mother’s day with tickets and a day in the big apple. it was honestly perfection. the cast is so amazingly talented. my hands were practically numb from clapping so much. and yes i teared up. multiple times.

and dudes, our choir director has mad connections. one of her past students (she was a high school choir director too before she had 3 beautiful babies) knows Laurie Veldheer, so we got to meet her, and then inadvertently got to meet a bunch of the other cast members. i died a little. especially since my mom was literally chasing after some of them in the theater. hey, if you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know. they were the nicest people. so humble. and adorable.

Kara, Ben and the very kind boy in the red hat (it was a frenzy, i’m not sure who he was) signed my playbill. jeremy had to go back inside before i was able to ask him to marry me get his autograph too. i think i would give my left arm to be able to see it a second time. or maybe i’ll just beg my husband incessantly until he gives in.